Tap of the Dead

4.8 ( 8108 ratings )
Spiele Unterhaltung Spielhalle Simulation
Entwickler Try This Networks Inc.
1.99 USD

A virus has ransacked New York City. Everyone you know is dead...ish. Play as Connor Frost, a reluctant software engineer turned zombie destroyer. Tap patterns as fast as you can before your hand cramps up, and you become one of the walking dead. You need to get to safety! Pass through familiar New York City sites and you might even run into a few familiar faces.

Can you make it off the zombie-filled island of Manhattan?



*Over 2000 frames of hand drawn animation specifically made for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

*Over 40 different zombies.

*Over 45 unique levels based on real locations in New York City.

*Simple fast paced gameplay - Easy to pickup, difficult to master.

*Authentic Zombie action that will scare you out of your pants.

*Amazing graphics rarely seen on a phone!

*Short load times. A true pick-up-and-play game for the casual gamer.

*Auto saves when you quit so you can pick up and play again later exactly where you left off.

*8 Chapters of crazy zombie invasion that take you all over New York City.

*Unique implementation of button tapping madness!

*OpenFeint 2.4 support with multiple leader boards.